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About us

From production to trade – we know what we deal in


of ML consortio Ltd. company dates back to 1996 – when both owners, Ján Mikulčík and Ľubomír Lepeň started working within production and selling of aluminium.


Ján Mikulčík,

this year, started as a manufacturer of aluminium alloys in shape of little blocks made of purchased scrap aluminium material. In 2001 MTM – Foundry company was awarded ISO 9001 quality certificate. The 6000 ton quantity quickly made its way to customers not only in Slovakia but also from abroad. The 2009 economic depression badly affected the production process and the company´s owner decided to definitely stop the manufacture and sell out the technology.


Ľubomír Lepeň,

in 1996, started within Aluminium alloys trade division in former ZSNP Aluminnium Company after leaving University. After a few years and completing MBA studies in Berlin, he worked as head manager of the largest manufacture of secondary aluminium alloys in Slovakia as well as one of the biggest foreign Aluminium Companies in Central Europe.



of both owners merged in 2015 when Ľubomír Lepeň came into MTM- Foundry as a minor associate. As the cooperation proved effective, at the end of 2016, they founded ML Consortio Ltd. company. It shortly became one of the biggest Aluminium Companies producing aluminium and aluminium alloys in Central Europe.



is still located in the former MTM- Foundry precinct. Once manufacture halls are still used as scrapyard, for separating and processing the scrap wich is thereafter provided to production factories. Link-up of long-time experience in production, trade and company´s management are foundation stone of success since we know  our product both from trading and production perspectives. We gradually got a trust of banks and nowadays we are able to grant our clients, thanks to our partner bank – Slovenská Sporiteľňa, not only high quality product technical support but also supplier credit for 90 days.